• Uploadify with IE (Internet Explorer) destroy the session or reset the session in Codeigniter.

    Problem: On IE I see the following behavior: - Uploadify upload the photo correctly. - but when I click on any link or button the server redirects me to the loin page. The investigation has shown me that after the call to Uploadify it seems that IE destroys the cookies with the session in it, therefore the user is logged out. Solution: If you are having logout issues during upload, then make your controller (Which you are using for uploading) a PUBLIC CONTROLLER. For Session related issue, Please do the following: CODE IGNITOR: -------------- Open app/config/config.php In your config.php you can set your $config['sess_match_useragent']= FALSE; When doing this CI 2.0 atleast, won’t create a new session for the flash object, and thus not kill your current session in IE.

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